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IGCSE Mathematics Revision and Help before Cambridge International Examinations

IGCSE Mathematics Help and Revision Guide Cambridge International Prep for Examinations

Number, set notation and language

Use language, notation and Venn diagrams to describe sets and represent relationships between sets.

In a class of 25 members, 15 take history, 17 take geography and 3 take neither subject.
How many class members take both subjects?

Let H = set of History students, so n(H) = 15.
Let G = set of Geography students,
so n(G) = 17 and n(H ∪ G) = 22 (since 3 students take neither subject).
Let x represent the number taking both subjects. Now we can draw the Venn diagram.
n(H ∪ G) + n(H ∩ G) = n(H) + n(G)
22 + х = 15 + 17.

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